Strengthening the Believer in The Word of Christ


Voice to the Believer Ministries (VTTBM) is God’s voice in the earth so that the believer will passionately live out their blood bought life in this earth, with purity, purpose, and full abundance–and in turn help others to do the same.


– Recent Bible Study –



Women Called to Arms is a great teaching tool, filled with Biblical references and relevant advice from the Holy Spirit for everyday living. It will help the Believer to grow strong in the Lord by use of the tools Rev Thomas shares to help navigate life's sometimes challenging journey.


Rev. Thomas is a relevant voice from God to help edify, exhort and comfort His people. She speaks His clear, unadulterated Word to individuals, small or large groups–whether youth, married, women, children, clergy, men or others.

Bible Studies

A great passion of Rev Thomas is to encourage every believer to become knowledgeable of God's powerful, complete directives for His children found in His word for every area of their lives. To do so, she conducts Bible studies in many forums, including on the phone and online.