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J. A. Thomas

J. A. Thomas

Pastor Thomas’ first passion is to love God with all her heart and to lead others to seeking a deeper walk with Him, so they could live the abundant life Jesus apprehended for all with His own precious life.

Her second passion is her husband, Christopher, and her family. They are natives of Guyana, South America, currently residing in Virginia. They have two beautiful daughters. The older, Keane is the mother of two precious children, Keanan Demarcus and Summer Alexandria. Rochelle, their younger daughter, is married to Joshua, a wonderful, godly young man.

She is a graduate from Regent University Seminary with a Master in Practical Theology and 24 credits toward her Doctoral in Leadership Studies. She also holds a Master and a Bachelor in Education from Old Dominion University. She has taught middle school math since 1999 at the Renaissance Academy in Virginia Beach, while pursuing the ministry Voice to the Believer Ministries which they founded in 2001.

Her great desire is to disciple from the cradle to the grave, teaching believers to serve God with all their hearts and souls, finding the fulfillment they crave as they obey His word revealed to them by His Holy Spirit. She believes there is a supernatural place that too many believers have not learned to tap into, a place of great power and grace (Daniel 3:19-29) for successful and victorious living above the vices that too easily distract and defeat.

Pastor June Thomas firmly believes God’s word that children are a precious gift from Him, His reward (Psalm 127:3) and therefore should be trained up in His ways from the cradle (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). Awesome children are not born but are deliberately, lovingly and carefully discipled through the word of God (Proverbs 22:6). Especially in the day we live in, our children need to know whose they are, and that they are surrounded 24/7/365 days by His power to live successful, fulfilled lives. She believes it is the God given job of parents, not schools or churches, to make sure that their children are living godly lives. Schools and churches are only to support parents’ in their choices of rearing their children in God’s ways. Pastor Thomas’ delights in developing tools to help parents do their already difficult job of rearing godly children who love Jesus with all their hearts and souls, and prove it by their lives lived for Him.

Reverend June Thomas is a woman of integrity who earnestly follows after the heart of God. Her resilience and desire to share her wisdom with others is much needed in this hour.
— Prophetess Nyetta Jackson, Manifesting Kingdom Results Ministries


University of Virginia,
under Virginia Beach City Schools,
2009-2011, 18 Post graduate Math credits

Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA,
School of Leadership Studies,
2002-2004, 24 credits forDoctoral in Leadership Studies (ran out of money)

Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA,
School of Divinity,
1998-2002, Master of Art in Practical Theology

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA,
1993-1994, Master of Science in Education,
1990-1994, Bachelor Of Science
Teacher Certificate-Math And Language Arts, Middle School, grades 4-8

Lilian Dewar College of Education,
Guyana, South America,
1975-1978, Teacher Certificate- Language Arts and Social Studies, Middle School, grades 4-8


“Kids Bible Journal” Step Publishing, 8/2/2016

“Marriage Training Manual” Step Publishing, Projected Publish date 12/2016

“Women, Called to Arms” Voice To The Believer Ministries, 8/2017


1999–Present, Virginia Beach City Schools, VA; Teacher, Math 8th grade, Renaissance Academy, 5100 Cleveland Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, (757) 648-6000

2012-2016, Joy Ministries Summer Reading Camp, train Reading Camp Teachers to use and teach Sing Spell Read Reading Program;  Teaching elementary students to read, (757) 420-2625

2005-2006, Joy Ministries, Tutor Elementary students in basic subjects, (757) 420-2625

1998-1999, Rock Academy, Virginia Beach, VA, Teacher, 5th grade, Abeka Curriculum

September 1995-June 1998, Norfolk City Schools/Alternative, School for Juveniles (DYS/Tucker), Norfolk, VA, Head Teacher Teach GED Preparation, Language Arts, Math and Science to students between the age of ten and seventeen; design course material for Special Education Students; evaluate and report daily on students to the counselors and managers of the group homes our school serviced; meet daily with my assistants to discuss and evaluate effective teaching and managing strategies.

March 1995-September 1995, Norfolk Marine Institute, Norfolk, Instructor, ½ time with Norfolk City Schools, Math and Language Arts, Counselor to eight students; develop case treatments; perform home visits; evaluate students and report daily to my supervisors.


April 2002, Pastor

Under: Full Gospel Tabernacle Center, Inc., DE, Apostle P. Williams


Working with children, youth and adults to improve their standard of living in every capacity when given the opportunity to effect change, especially through teaching. To assimilate material then regurgitate it back in simplified manner to those who would use it to benefit themselves.